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Workout Outfits Inspired By Britney Spears’ Iconic Looks

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iHeartRadio Music Festival - Day 2 - ShowOh man, I feel like such a jerk! It was Britney Spears' birthday yesterday and I totally missed it. Happy slightly belated 32nd, Brit.

Whatever stage of life Britney's in, from virginal girlfriend of Justin Timberlake to head-shaving umbrella brandisher, she's been a tabloid fixture and zeitgeist icon. We can never get enough Britney. Her pop jams are infectious, her style is always something to see, and her dance moves are pretty killer. Remember when Britney did that scandalous thing and danced in that kooky outfit at that event? Oh oh, or that video where she does that dance move while wearing the thing? Of course you do–we all do. This is Britney Spears we're talking about.

We may never be an entertainer like Britney Spears, but we can emulate her style. Pop star attire isn't typically that wearable, but BritBrit has given us some gems that wouldn't be out of place on a yoga mat or in a Barre class. We put together some fitness outfits that replicate a few of Britney's most iconic and memorable music video performances so that you can remind everyone at your gym of your favorite pop sensation.

Here are 3 workout outfits inspired by Britney Spears videos:

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