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Brit Mom Fined For Baby’s Banana Peel

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Imagine going out for a stroll with your toddler, you hand them a snack while pushing them to keep them busy and get them to eat something healthy. You hand your child a banana, carefully peel back half of the banana so your child can stay somewhat clean. Sounds good right? Brit Mom Fined For Baby s Banana Peel 1242310 banana jpg

Now, imagine getting stopped by an officer and fined. What? Oh, you may not have noticed while crossing the street or going in and out of a place but your child dropped the banana on the ground. Well that officer did and that’s exactly what happened to one mother in a town of Grimsby on the East Coast of England.  Yes, Kirsty Allen was pushing her toddler in a stroller when apparently he had fallen asleep in the stroller (pram) and dropped the end of his banana in a puddle. Now this wasn’t intentional and mom didn’t think it would be considered liter since a bird would probably come by and eat it. She was quickly given a fine for  £50 ($78 USD).  What do you think?