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Brit Mom Fined For Baby’s Banana Peel

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Imagine going out for a stroll with your toddler, you hand them a snack while pushing them to keep them busy and get them to eat something healthy. You hand your child a banana, carefully peel back half of the banana so your child can stay somewhat clean. Sounds good right? IMG: Sxc.hu

Now, imagine getting stopped by an officer and fined. What? Oh, you may not have noticed while crossing the street or going in and out of a place but your child dropped the banana on the ground. Well that officer did and that's exactly what happened to one mother in a town of Grimsby on the East Coast of England.  Yes, Kirsty Allen was pushing her toddler in a stroller when apparently he had fallen asleep in the stroller (pram) and dropped the end of his banana in a puddle. Now this wasn't intentional and mom didn't think it would be considered liter since a bird would probably come by and eat it. She was quickly given a fine for  £50 ($78 USD).  What do you think?