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Bristol Palin Offers Surprisingly Good (And Simple) Weight Loss Advice

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Bristol Palin Offers Surprisingly Good  And Simple  Weight Loss Advice bristolpalin jpgIf you caught this week’s Dancing With The Stars, you probably spied one Bristol Palin looking super-slim and pretty healthy. Back for her second turn on the show (it’s the all-stars season), Palin shared her one easy weight loss tip with Us Weekly backstage. And guess what? It’s actually really sensible and smart.

“I’m definitely in better shape than I was last time, definitely,” she told the magazine. “I’m just more active and I cut all the crap out of my diet! It’s that simple”

Bam! There it is. No miracle pills, no crazy diets (unlike DWTS competitor Kirstie Alley and her Scientology diet supplements), no starvation. Just the simplest weight loss advice you can get. Less crappy, low-nutrition, high calorie crap. Less crap! So easy. Surely, if Bristol Palin can lose weight this way, anyone else probably can, too.

Of course, cutting the crap can be difficult when there are a million mitigating factors, like low access to non-crap, a super-tight budget, or misleading labels, but for the most part, it’s a pretty good rule of thumb, both for adults and kids. After all, much of the crap Americans eat isn’t out of necessity–soda and sports drinks, for example, can easily be replaced with plain water.

Palin also says that having a young child is helping her stay active, which certainly showed in her sleek moves on the ballroom floor. Her new healthy outlook certainly seemed to translate into better performance, and even got the attention of the judges; Carrie Ann Inaba called Palin the “most improved.”

It’s refreshing to see Palin, who hasn’t exactly been a model of health, giving such sound, rational advice and being an example for the viewers of DWTS. Regardless of how she performs this season, her weight loss and attitude are still likely to be pretty inspirational to those who may be looking to make a change and get healthy.

Image via ABC/Craig Sjodin