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30 by 30: Wedding Weight Worry Not Just For Brides

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I’m in Louisiana this week, taking a vacation and visiting college friends—though we are definitely not in college anymore. I’ve spent the week helping one friend prepare for a new baby and the other prepare for a fall wedding. Grown up stuff.

One of the most recurring obligations as a twenty-something adult is participating in the weddings of your friends. Over the years, I’ve used these weddings as a motivator to get my butt in gear and get my body in picture-ready shape. Sometimes I’ve been successful and felt great—other times, not so much.

Two and a half years ago, I was a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my now-pregnant friend, Stephanie. She let us get our dresses from White House Black Market, so we really could wear them again, and I had just reached my 60-pound weight loss goal when we went to try them on. I slid on a size 8 with ease and felt absolutely amazing. I thought excited about standing next to my friend on her big day and not worry about what my arms looked like or if my stomach looked pregnant.

But as the summer went along, I started to put weight back on. By the time November rolled around, I had to order a new size 12 dress, and I was devastated. I spent the weeks before the wedding telling myself that the day was about my friend, not me, so it didn't matter. Yet I couldn’t help be disappointed in my efforts, as well as sad that I wasn’t the best possible version of me for the bride's forever photos. I’m staying at her house this week, and looking at her wedding album still makes me cringe; three years later and I’m still kicking myself.

This week, my friend Lara asked me to be the maid of honor for her wedding in November 2013. It's my first time being a maid of honor and I'm excited, but once again I can’t help but panic about my dress, my body and all things related to standing at the front of a church on display.

The nice thing about this time around is that I’m already on my way. I have a goal. I have a plan. I’m tracking my points and being patient about changing my lifestyle. Whether I’m down 3 pounds or 30 when November rolls around, I know it doesn't matter. The day isn't about me. It’s about my friend, and my role is to stand there and support her regardless of how comfortable I personally feel.

But my hope is that this time will be different. I’m not using her wedding as THE reason to lose weight, but as a nice motivational perk that happens to fall in a few months. I won’t try on dresses so early, I won’t pressure myself to be ridiculous with my diet. I’ll work hard and hopefully when November comes, you’ll see a beautiful bride with a happy best friend and maid of honor who is comfortable in her own skin. Fingers crossed.

WIN: I’ve been in Louisiana —the land of the fried and delicious—since last Wednesday and still managed to lose 2 pounds. It works if you work it.

FAIL: Saturday night I enjoyed a daiquiri, and when I went to enter the points, it was more than my entire day’s allotment. Guess that’s one drink that has to be saved for VERY special occasions.

+/- = -2 lbs (TOTAL = -8 lbs)

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