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Bridal Shower Party Ideas

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Bridal Shower Party Ideas bridal shower cartoon jpg
Organizing a bridal shower for your girlfriend and can’t think of any games to do? Here are 4 games that you can do courtesy of Shep Moyle at ShindigZ

Playing “Bridal Gift Bingo” ensures that the guests will pay close attention to the gifts as they are opened! Before the bride opens any presents, have each guest create their own bingo card (to make it easier, print up blank cards before hand for them). They must fill in each square with a shower gift that the bride might open that day. For example, one box would be bath towels, another box might be pots and pans. As the bride opens her presents, the guests can mark off a box if they wrote down that particular item. The first person to get bingo wins!

For this “Think Fast” game, everyone sits in a circle. The bride begins the game by throwing a garter to someone. While attempting to catch it, she must name something found in the wedding ceremony (i.e. flowers, alter, camera). Once the garter is caught, it is quickly tossed to someone else who must name something. If she cannot answer quickly enough, that person is out of the game. Play until one person is left!

“The Mystery Spice Game” is always fun. Before the shower, take the labels off of 10 spice jars and number them. Pass the spices around and have the guests guess what they are by sight and smell – but no tasting! The guest with the most correct answers wins!

Have a “Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt.” This activity actually takes place inside the guests’ purses! Make a list of items and assign a point system to each item. For example, 20 points for – dental floss, $100 bill, or nail polish remover; 10 points for tweezers, rubber band, or shopping list; 5 points for pen, comb, or photos. Set a timer for 4 minutes and have the guests see how many of the items they can find in their purse. The person with the most points wins!

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