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Breast reduction surgery to help back pain

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There's no doubt about it, breast size does a lot in terms of how women feel – and not just in the self-image department. While many women, the next-door neighbors and the celebrities, may spend thousands of dollars getting breast implants so they have sexier chests, many are spending the money for the opposite reason; they want breast reductions.

There are several reasons to want a breast reduction but the three most common ones seem to be embarrassment from being ogled, not being able to wear lots of different styles of clothing, let along a bathing suit and back pain.

While it might not seem obvious, very large breasts can cause back pain. The weight of the breasts plus the discomfort of the bra can make for a miserable day for many. The thing is, these women still aren't “small” when the surgery is complete. According to an article on CBC.ca (Breast reduction surgery), women can go down as much as three cup sizes. One woman in the article went from a 38 H to a 36 DD while another went from a 48DD to a 40 C. The second woman lost almost 15 pounds with the surgery.

Of course, there are risks, as with all surgeries, so if you are contemplating this, be sure to do your research and ask as many questions as you need of your surgeon.



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