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Breast Milk Shortage At Milk Banks

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There are 11 milk banks across the United States that hold freezers full of breastmilk for those that want to give their baby breastmilk and can’t do it on their own. It was recently announced that down in Denver they have four freezers, three are empty and the fourth one has grocery bags of it which isn’t that much. Apparently due to all the swine flu and winter flu that are going around has some breastmilk volunteers having to stay away.

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Why can’t they volunteer? Some actually got the flu, others had family members that came down with it. Finally there were some that got the mist (up the nose) to keep the flu away, which makes it so they can’t donate for an additional three months.  According to reports there are normally 100 moms donating breastmilk, today there are only 60.

For those that may decide that they want to donate keep in mind this is donated milk, you will not be getting money in return. Instead you will know you are doing something for a little baby that is waiting to be fed. Currently the bags of breastmilk are being sold by the banks for $3.50 per ounce, but they’ve been known to donate their milk as well to babies in need.

At this moment Haiti, the country that was hit by an earthquake that has left many dead, hurt and babies without moms. Newborns being born, babies that are hungry and hoping there will be breastmilk sent over there. Course with the United States shortage, it isn’t looking very likely.  Some are trying to help any way they can, Melissa Kotlen Nagin of Breastfeeding (at About.com) wrote a post on selling breastmilk and has at least 200 volunteers ready to sell their milk.