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Breaking Into Art Shows By Breaking Into Glass Jewelry

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Breaking Into Art Shows by Breaking Into Glass Jewelry alloy default image jpg
Art shows can be a good venue for selling your jewelry, but these days there are so many that you really have to be selective to be successful. From my experience, it seems that the higher-end shows are usually more organized, better established, and highly attended. Obviously, the more people attend an event like this, the more money an artist can make.

One big problem, though, with these higher-end shows is that they are competitive as far as the jury process. In fact, many shows require that the artists must make all components of their work. This leaves many beaders unable to even consider doing this type of show. Of course, I’ve got my own opinion on this. Sure, I may not make my own stone beads, but does the oil painter make his own paints? Does the photographer make her own film?

One answer to this problem is glass. What better incentive is there to not only learn a new jewelry skill but to also add some uniqueness to your jewelry designs? If you’ve always thought of trying to make lampwork beads or fused glass components, then turning to glass jewelry making might be something to consider. This would allow you to make each component of your jewelry pieces, and at the same time, it will open up some of the “fine-art” doors that may be slamming in your face.