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9 Recipes That Help You Sneak Vegetables Into Your Breakfast

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We all know that we're supposed to focus our meals around vegetables, and yet the standard breakfast foods are far from green. Waffles, pancakes, English muffins, cereal, toast? Not exactly eating the rainbow. If you're looking to sneak more vegetables into your first meal of the day, here are 9 recipes that find the perfect balance between nutrition and deliciousness!

1. Paleo Zucchini Fritters.

zucchini fritters

I'm all about that zucchini, and I'm also all about eating things that feel like bread but AREN'T. This recipe kind of lets me have both of those things. It's practically a miracle!

2. Eggs Three Ways.

eggs three ways

Not only is this recipe colorful, cheerful, and a great way to get in some more morning protein, but it's also a sneaky way to incorporate veggies into breakfast. I love it.

3. Skinny Butternut Squash Mini Muffins.

butternut squash muffins

I feel like we should have an annual parade to celebrate the people who find new ways to make muffins out of things that aren't horrible for us. If I could become the kind of person who prepares squash muffins ahead of time and eats one every morning for a week, I'd be infinitely happier. (New Year's resolution maybe?)

4. Microwave Egg and Vegetable Breakfast Sandwich.


Any recipe that tricks me into eating a heaping serving of greens in the morning is cool by me. Oh, and any recipe that combines avocado and cheese, too. Give me that fat, give me that spinach, and give me that happiness that lasts aaaall day long.

5. Egg and Zucchini Breakfast Toastadas.


These are so freaking beautiful! All I want to do right now is whip up a pitcher of mimosas, call over a bunch of my girlfriends, and make this recipe for a girls' day brunch.

6. Hidden Veggie Smoothies.



There are countless awesome smoothie recipes out there on the internet, but my completely unbiased opinion tells me that my own recipe is the best one ever. You can check it out over here, along with several other great ones!

7. Italian Baked Egg and Vegetables.


This is supposedly the recipe that Jessica Simpson credits for helping her lose a lot of weight, so that's promising! It looks amazing, and the ingredients (basil, tomatoes, garlic, onions…) all sound like heaven on earth.

8. Veggie Skillet Hash.

Veggie Skillet Hash

This looks like it would smell and taste unbelievable. It also looks like a great way to use up  the veggies in your fridge that are on the verge of going bad. Sign me up!

9. Dairy-Free Vegetable Quiche (With Eggs).


This is gorgeous, relatively easy to make, and includes a whole slew of nutritious veggies. Asparagus, spinach, onion, bell peppers? How often do you eat those before 10am? I need to make this, like, pronto.

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