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Brad & Angelina’s Twins Carry Luxe Blankets

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Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Léon, 19 monthswere both spotted in Venice, Italy with mom and dad (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt) this past week Brad  amp  Angelina s Twins Carry Luxe Blankets knox nordstrom pngsporting some very nice blankets.  The blankets that I keep seeing everyone talk about are from Nordstrom and they are the Little Giraffe Satin Trim Luxe Blanky ($42). The blanket is blue on one side with a satin blue trim and on the other it is white with spots. It looks to be extremely soft and just the right size for traveling and walking around town.

In the picture Knox is seen cuddling up to his little blanket as daddy, Brad Pitt is holding him in front of a crowd. Course Knox is looking at the crowd while in his other hand looks to be a Ritz cracker. Vivienne Marcheline is being held by mom, Angelina Jolie. Vivienne’s blanket is draped across mom’s should and looks to be the Barefoot Dreams Signature Receiving Blanket ($55).

Angelina Jolie is currently in Venice, Italy to film for her upcoming thriller movie, “The Tourist.”  I’m so happy that they do this as a family instead of just mom going off and filming and seeing the children later. It shows how connected they are and how they are willing to make this work.

Brad  amp  Angelina s Twins Carry Luxe Blankets pittkids nordstrom 300x225 png

Don’t you think these two little ones are adorable? I’m so happy to see they are out and about.  Did your little one ever have a security blanket or a lovey they carried around with them? I know Brad and Angelina’s daughters, Shiloh and Zahara have been seen carrying their little blankets with them. If you had a little one that did when did they stop? 

(Thanks to Sara Greulich for this info.)