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Boys and Cars

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It looks like we are getting close to being out of PGN (just by knowing what is going on with friends who traveled with us) and I am starting to think of things that I want to take with us for Gus.

One of the items I want to take is a new car or truck for him because I have a feeling that he is all boy. I don't want to take just any car or truck though…I want to take one that he will remember. AJ has two pull pack cars made by Parents that he points out every time he plays with them.

“I had those at the Desky Dom, Mama!”

I am about to pack them away to cherish them. I am also packing away a McDonald's Happy Meal toy that he absolutely loved. Baby Incredible. It makes me smile every time I see it.

Any suggestions on the perfect toy or should I just pick one and go with it?