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Are You Hydrated Enough? Allow This Urine Color Chart To Help

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urine color chartI once read that healthy, hydrated pee should be the color of straw. I have also heard that it should be the color of “light lemonade.” And, despite the fact that I have spent plenty of time in barns and drinking light lemonade, these color indications just aren't as helpful as, say, this amazing, visual urine color chart from the Boy Scouts of America.

Part of their outdoorsy guides for strapping young boys who are surviving in the woods, this chart is actually quite helpful for those of us who are peeing indoors (and sitting down). Because, like Dr. Oz teaches us, our bodily functions can be great indicators for our health. And dehydration, which is rough on your body and can lead to all kinds of unpleasantness (like dry mouth, headaches, water retention, kidney infections…do I need to go on?) is also one of the easiest internal issues to remedy.

But if you're not feeling tired or dried out, you may not even realize you're dehydrated–until, you know, you realize you haven't peed all day.

Compare your flow with this chart to see if you need to bump up your agua intake. And if you're just bad at remembering to drink your water, borrow a motto from the Boy Scouts: always be prepared. Keep a properly-sized water bottle or cup near your bed, your work station, and on your coffee table, so there are always at least 16 ounces within reach. Aim for 64 ounces a day (that's 8 glasses at 8 ounces apiece), and you should see your pee lightening up in no time. Scouts' honor.

Image: Boy Scouts of America