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Boston Granny Delivers Baby

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Talk about having things to be Thankful for, a very pregnant mom ended up going into labor right during prepping for Thanksgiving dinner. The good news is, even though she wasn’t able to make it to the hospital in the time period alloted by the baby she did have her mom there to help her through the process.

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The baby just wanted to have a very special day for her birth, the little girl was born right there during all the festivities. Grandma was running back and forth to help her daughter give birth and make sure her turkey didn’t burn. I thought that was cute because I remember all too well trying to make a nice Thanksgiving meal and dealing with four kids. I can’t even picture what it would’ve been like to actually have someone in the house about to give birth and knowing you may have to deliver if the amublance doesn’t get there fast. Grandma had called 9-1-1 however the dispatcher had to walk her through the process. The baby girl was born before they got there.

Hopefully this mommy got a bit of turkey before being taken to the hospital. Congratulations to Africa, hope you and your baby are doing just fine.