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16 Body-Positive Instagrams You Should Follow

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When it comes to getting in shape, finding body-positive motivation can be difficult. Luckily for fitness enthusiasts everywhere, it’s not hard to find your daily dose of inspiration on Instagram. However, the number of personal trainers, body-builders, bikini models and dieticians boasting unrealistically-healthy lifestyles for the ‘gram can be seriously overwhelming — and frankly — straight-up unrealistic.

It’s important to remember that fit bodies come in an infinite number of shapes and sizes, something that’s easy to forget when scrolling through ads for detox teas, waist-trainers and diet pills. Obsessing over a dress size or the number on the scale can lead to some seriously unhealthy behaviors and issues with body image. That’s why we’ve rounded up 16 body-positive Instagrams you should follow. Hopefully they can balance out the messages being sent by all those former Bachelor contestants with their #spon FlatTummyTea posts lounging poolside.