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Bobby Flay Is So Not Into Healthy Food. But He Loves Working Out.

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You know what Bobby Flay thinks about cooking healthy meals? He thinks it's stupid, that's what. But pumping iron, running, getting sweaty at SoulCycle with his lady…THAT's how a real man gets healthy.

Well, he's not totally right about that, but it's how he's promoting “Bobby Flay Fit,” his new Food Network web series, out on January 14. “I hate when people make ‘healthy food,'” he told ABC's The Chew, “…that means it's gonna be bland.”

Of course, he actually did make healthy food (lamb tenderloin with a spice rub instead of added fat, and a quinoa salad chock full of vegetables and low-fat flavors), and seems to have a more balanced approach to health than he'd like to let on to his foodie friends:

I don't diet. To me, a diet is a problem down the line, because it's hard to keep it up.


I…just one day, it was actually New Year's and i was away with my wife, and I was getting dressed for dinner, and I looked in the mirror and was like ‘i don't like that at all.' …I just said, you know what, I'm just gonna be a little more fit and make some decisions that are common sense, not follow a diet to the letter, but just eat a little bit less, I do certain things like when i go to a restaurant…I eat 75% of what's in front of me…and if it's not good, I don't eat it. That's a big deal: I used to just eat everything that was in front of me.

Fitness can't totally replace healthy eating choices, and healthy eating can't replace fitness. But in reality, it seems Bobby Flay's approach is actually pretty balanced, and he does like cooking healthy food…we just wish he'd be willing to call it that so that more people start to understand that it doesn't all have to be bland.

Check out the preview of Bobby Flay Fit below…or just go check out this amazing collection of Bobby Flay fitness GIFs.

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