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Bobbing For Apples On Halloween Could Help Find Your True Love

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We do not recommend bobbing for apples. As Wikipedia so eloquently puts it: “Due to the nature of the game, whereupon a number of individuals each place their entire head into a bowl of water, it is thought to be a somewhat unsanitary game to play, and is therefore falling out of favour with some groups.” You should probably be in one of those groups, unless you have really really clean friends. Sure, we may have bobbed for apples on many childhood Halloweens, but our parents also fed us Pop-Tarts and let us play with plastic bags, so what do they know?

All of that being said, we see no problem with discussing bobbing for apples. That is a very safe activity — and a fascinating one! Because it turns out bobbing for apples has a pretty weird history and some pretty weird connotations, mostly related to young ladies and marriage. Also: The photos. You have to see some of these photos.

And if you absolutely must play some sort of game involving bondage and mouths full of apples, Wikipedia also notes that “a potentially more sanitary variation of the game exists, with the apples hung on string on a line, rather than in a bowl of water.” So there you go.