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‘Boba Means Boobies’ & Other A+ Lines From The Boba Tea Parody Video

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I have admittedly not been a huge fan of boba tea in the past. In fact, I kind of don't like tea in general (I know, I know, it's amazing, yadda yadda). I do drink it, though, because it's a much healthier alternative to most flavored drinks. Nevertheless, I have always had an aversion to boba tea until very recently when I went to Tea Chai Te here in Portland. There, I found out you can actually get flavors of the boba beads that are super fruity and a little tart; as a result, I am now completely obsessed. If only I'd listened to my friends who have been raving about boba for ages, much like the comedy duo Fung Brothers, whose parody video “Bobalife” is both hilarious as well as a rather accurate depiction of how enamoring boba tea actually is.

The video also features Kevin Lien, Priscilla Liang and Aileen Xu, according to Channel Apa, all singing to the tune of Carly Rae Jepson's “Good Time” and eventually to what my limited radio knowledge thinks is “Faded” by Tyga. The boba team touts the benefits and wonders of this Taiwanese drink, which are actually pretty awesome. You can get boba milk green tea and get all that fantastic stuff we regularly talk about here at Blisstree.

While I realize bubble tea is incredibly popular, I don't think I'd ever given it quite this much thought before, but now I have a feeling I'll be thinking about my boobs every time I drink it. Thanks, Fung Brothers! But seriously: I suggest not drinking while watching this video, as you will probably spray liquid (and tapioca beads, perchance) all over your computer screen. Without further ado, I present you with “Bobalife”:

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