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Cocktail Shakeup: 10 Unconventional Bloody Mary Recipes

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bloody mary coverBreaking Bloody Mary News: The Wall Street Journal just issued a correction to their Bloody Mary recipe. They “accidentally” switched the measurements for tomato juice and vodka, suggesting readers use 36oz of vodka for ever 12oz of tomato juice instead of the inverse. I don't think they should have corrected it; they should have just been like “Some goons can't handle a stiff cocktail–they don't work for the Wall Street Journal.”

Maybe it's just because I live to brunch, but it seems like Bloody Marys are kind of having a moment right now? It's like every single brunch spot in Brooklyn has their own variation of the classic “hangover cure” cocktail. Thank goodness for that because I don't know what else other than a bangin' b.mary would get some of my dirtbag friends out of bed on weekends.

When I was a little girl, my clique and I would play that freaky-deaky Bloody Mary game at sleepovers, now we drink bloody marys when we meet up the morning after adult-sleepovers. Brunching and boozing it up on a Sunday morning is kind of getting expensive, so I want to start mixing my own Bloody Marys, luring my buddies to my home.

Now, I'm too big a weenie to try the original Wall Street Journal recipe, but I don't want my homemade Bloody Marys to be boring or traditional. These 10 alternative Bloody Mary recipes  are as sick and twisted as the childhood game…in a good way.