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O.k..so it is still *officially* Saturday for 20 more minutes in Texas. If I type really fast I can get this in today. I have been trying to catch up with articles and I just seem to be constantly spinning my wheels.

Well, as cold as it was in October, so far November has decided to bring back nice days and warm temperatures. It has been a little odd but right now I am appreciating not having to turn on the heat. Not having a thyroid is difficult in the cold weather. I wish they would get my medications adjusted properly.

My grandaughter, Bella, and I at out Un-Halloween PartyMar

My granddaughter, Bella, and I at our Un-Halloween Party

I know that many of you have been wondering why I have been on such an emotional roller coaster lately. This is very difficult but I count my readers among my friends so I am going to take a deep breath and …here goes…

Marc has moved out and has asked me for a divorce. It was one of those things I never thought would happen to me… 30 years of marriage and really, rather happy years at that. I am not, however, the easiest person to live with and we have been through a lot in the past few years. Marc's illness, his medications, my suddenly having a career after 28 years as a SAHM..midlife..finances…..it all adds up to serious stresses that apparently neither of us handled very well.

Marc is an incredible man and he will always be the love of my life. That has not changed since I feel in love with him in 1979.  I do not want this divorce and I am praying that he changes his mind.  We have a lot to work through if he does..and I have a lot to work through if he doesn't. The next few months are going to be difficult any way you look at it. Your prayers are always appreciated and your support, even though you didn't know what was going on, has been incredible. I thank you for that.

O.k…let's dry our eyes and get on with….


Please Please Please…got to the BonAppetit blog and vote for my pumpkin, maple, bourbon tiramisu! You have to register if you haven't…but it is free…and the tiramisu is with the custards category…but if I win I get a weekend in New York…and I could use a vacay!

image: marye audet (taken by Erin Audet Myers)