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Blogsurfing Saturday

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Do you cook differently in August than you do for most of the other year? I do. More salads, more likely to have Banana Splits or Shortcake for dinner, more likely to eat lighter. It seems like August forces us to slow down and recognize that the year is passing and we have only a little time left to enjoy summer.

I dislike modern society. We have lost the ability to relax in a hammock in the back yard with a book, because it is too hot to do anything in the house. We don't relax as all anymore. We have created a year 'round climate that allows us to work ourselves to death.

Today make a decision to put it aside for a bit. Enjoy your kids. Enjoy your family, savor the last few weeks of summer as much as you can. Make a choice to learn to relax more, live more, work less. I know that I am right there with ya.


In light of that, here are some recipes that I found that are quick and support our new, kicked back lifestyle!

Have a great weekend!