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The sun is shining and a cool breeze is blowing through my window as I write this. As most of you know, I am blessed to be restoring a 100year old home and I am in the sunroom watching cartoons with Kyrie and sipping Guatamalan coffee. The sunroom is west, so it has windows north, west, and south. The house is situated on a small knoll and looking out at the pasture to the west and all of the old pecan trees on the property it is rather like being in a tree house. Although there is a lot going on, and a lot up in the air in my life I feel very blessed. I would feel more blessed if someone decided to fund the rest of the restoration. When Marc became disabled there was a sudden halt to much of what needed to be done, since we were doing it ourselves!


We are left with 4300 square feet of potential. This is bed and breakfast material. I hope that we can finish it out the way I want and someone who wants a bed and breakfast sees it. It is just perfect for it. Right now it feels as if it is too much for us under the circumstances. But I love it.

Perfect summer mornings like this remind me of being a kid…summer stretched endlessly…one adventure after another. I was one of the last generations to have the freedom of the woods, and small towns, and meadows near the areas I grew up. I could disappear in the cool, moist Pennsylvania morning and spend the day in the woods, lunching on ripe wild blackberries and hickory nuts, and old heirloom apple trees that had been long forgotten. I learned to love nature and I learned a lot about it. And the freedom I had gave me a lot of confidence that carried me through difficult times I faced later. Because of my love for nature I discovered a kindred spirit in Thoreau, who in turn let me to Whitman…and on and on.

Hours of solitude, days with nothing to do, these things enriched me and deepened my mind and allowed me to develop into who I was created to be without a lot of molding by society. I am sorry for kids today that don't have those freedoms, that feel comfortable with their perceived academic success based on what they learned in a sterile book. My kids are blessed. Although we only have a bit over two acres there are woods to explore, a creek to swim in, and adventures to find. Here is what my 10 year old and 9 year old created in the back yard last week when they had a friend over. They had no help.They found adventure.



Nick is the one with the long hair. Uh..he is a unique child….trust me. Sean is “the quiet one”.  Amazingly, throughout high winds, storms, and chicken invasions the fort is still standing.

So…if you have lived through that much of my rambling..are you ready for..you know?


First up…Ben from What's Cooking is an amazing photographer, no matter what anyone else thinks. He is one of the handful of food bloggers that could put images in galleries. Check out this Poblano Risotto to see what I mean.

If you haven't heard this news you either are so not into food or you live under a rock…but Zoe and Jeff created a second Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day book and it will be released in October. It is available for preorder now. I have the first book and I love it! I lent it to a friend and she loved it so much she kept mine for two months until she bought herself a copy…LOL!

Megan's Rainbow graduation cake is beautiful and I am so trying that filling SOON. I have been curious about the edible decals for cakes and now I am ready to try my hand at it too.

Valli of More than Burnt Toast has created chocolate perfection for Barefoot Bloggers with these outrageous brownies. They look perfect with walnuts and coffee and…can you imagine? A pound of chocolate!

Inge of Vanielje's Kitchen was gone for awhile but she is abck with a vengence, blogging from her (seems to me) exotic existence in Africa, running a successful deli (similar to our tea room) and accomplishing it all beautifully. You can certainly understand why when you see these giant Peanut, oat and M &M's cookies!

Nami-Nami is a new blog to me but one I will try to get to more often. Rhubarb is one of Marc's favorites, and I usually just do strawberry rhubarb pie because … you know, that's what people DO. Check out this rosy rhubarb ice cream of all things and then imagine it melting over a warm square of apple crisp or strawberry pie.

O.k. since Valli's brownies sort of magnetized me to chocolate (sigh) I would not be able to live with myself if I did not point out the amazing peanut butter and chocolate brownies on Two Peas and Their Pod. Imagine brownies with peanut butter AND Reeses cups!

You may not know this but my oldest daughter, Erin, has a dirty little secret. Yes. She is a Dr. Pepper Addict. Shhhh. I know. Heartbreaking. Please don't tell her about this Dr. Pepper Bundt Cake recipe on Lick the Bowl Good.

Jenn from LeftoverQueen has been in the midst of a glorius move but I had to laugh when she Tweeted "At least the kitchen is unpacked". Isn't that just like a foodie? I always had the kitchen unpacked and some baking going the first night in a new place. It was security for me. Anyway, she has a recipe for Norwegian Cardamom and Custard Buns. Yum. Seriously.

Donna at WayMoreHomemade lives not too far from me, and we got together with Kelly from Evil Shenanigans last Saturday for Kelly's Food Buzz 24 24 24 shindig. It was amazing fun and Donna brought the pie. Umm…excuse me…she brought the piiiiiiiiiiiih. Lots of berries in this All-Kindsa Berry Pie (piiiiiiiiiiiih)

That;s it for me today. I have a couple of things left ot write and then I am hoping to just veg on this beautiful day. Have a blessed weekend!

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