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Blog Surfing Saturday!!

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Texas has lost its mind.  I promise. The entire area of North Texas has decided to skip October entirely and get on with November. It is total insanity.

Nah…it's just Texas weather.

So I spent the week shopping with my girls. I need to still get the boys outfitted for winter but that is usually a little easier. Both girls are hard to fit. Shiloh is nearly 14, tall and long legged so it would be hard enough without the hooker-wear all the stores seem to be carrying. Trying to find a simple dress for church that is not so low cut that it shows a mile an a half of nubile 14 year old cleavage is almost impossible. While we were shopping I remembered WHY I let Shiloh wear jeans and sweaters to church.

Yes…that IS a pink BB gun….


Nothing redneck about our family…nope.

Anyway, so now my checking account need a mainline fix from Fort Knox.  Two more reasons I need to dust off the sewing machine and add sewing back to my to do list.

With all the fall weather I am feeling like autumn desserts. The house always smells so good when you are baking with the spices and pumpkin and apple flavors of fall. And what better time to eat desserts than when you are going to be wearing so many layers that you look huge anyway, right?

Speaking of layers…

Kyrie is unusual, y'all know that. Well today it was cold and dark and drizzly for Texas. She was wearing 5 shirts (yep I swear) and her new winter coat…and panties. That's it. I said, “So, K-bug, don't you think you should put some pants on? ” She looked serious for a minute and then said, “Nope. I have on 5 shirts so it balances out.”

I am guessing that 53F legs and 150F torso averages about 100F all over? Not sure…..


Ready to do some Autumn surfing? Here are some of the coolest desserts ever –

image:marye audet

image: Cori from Brambleberry Cottage