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Blind Empathy: Upper-Class People Really Are Out Of Touch

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Do you find that you’re often confused by what your underlings are trying to tell you? Your driver, your cook — they make these scrunched-up faces and you just don’t know what they’re feeling. We get it. The reason for your clueless behavior could be your ability to be self-sufficient. A new study showed that people of a lower socio-economic standing were better at figuring out other people’s feelings than those from the upper class. Researchers think this is because poorer people rely on the help of others more than people with money do.

That makes sense. But there’s an interesting twist: When people from the upper classes were made to feel like they had a lower soco-economic status than they really did, they got better at understanding emotions. So, when confronted with a clueless rich person, just bring them down a few pegs. Tell them you saw their purse at COSTCO last week.

via AOL Health