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Blank Screen

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pink-hair-blog-flat.jpgWe've been without television for at least a week, maybe more. We've just been too busy to deal with getting it fixed.

The problem is that it takes foreverto get the TV fixed if there is a problem. We go with a satellite company and find their tech support to be less than efficient. Neither my husband or myself wants to waste two hours or more slowly and methodically checking every plug and cable. My husband spent several hours with them on Saturday and then I finally broke down and called today. We'd rather go without watching TV than call tech support, what does that say about their customer service?

This time, though, they are just sending me a new receiver because they can't figure out what is wrong. It will be here in 3-5 days. What's 3-5 days without a TV? It's summer rerun season anyway.

Conversely, when we are without a computer, which also happened last weekend, both of our heads were about to explode.