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Bizarre Candy Cane Flavors That May Actually Deter You From Eating Candy Canes

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Confession: I have a huge sweet tooth. An absurd, sky-high (or sugar high, hyuck hyuck) affinity for all kinds of sweetness. Whether I'm being offered chocolate or chewy truffles or dessert martinis, I have an impossibly difficult time saying “no” — particularly around the holidays when you can't help but think, “Just this once.” This would be fine, if “just this once” didn't wind up being just this entire season, but I digress: my point is that any time you can siphon off a little bit of your sugar intake, it's a good thing. In particular, ridding your diet of food that also negatively affects your mouth's health simply via the act of eating, such as the candy cane, is always a positive.

Hard candy is pretty terrible for your teeth, as the constant flow of sugar from sucking on concentrated sweetness for an extended period of time is not dissimilar to continuously drinking soda or sweetened juices. This leads to tooth decay, and no treat is worth a trip to the dentist (seriously, I would know, I used to binge on every kind of sweet constantly and not one of them tastes good enough to warrant having to get a cavity filled).

These days, there's more than just peppermint candy canes out there: from savory to sweet to incredibly unappealing, there are several flavors that you might want to avoid. Nevertheless, the candy cane is one of the most seasonal treats you can eat, so rather than let this gallery deter you from eating any candy cane whatsoever, just try to only eat one or two particularly wonderful ones.

Photo: Bunchesandbits / Flickr