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Bisexual Women Not Only Face More Judgment, They Face More Health Problems Too

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Bisexual Women Not Only Face More Judgment  They Face More Health Problems Too blisstree bis jpgAccording to a new study, bisexual women are more likely to suffer from depression and stress than men who are bisexual. In addition, they tend to binge-drink and smoke more than their male counterparts. This leaves many people wondering: Why are these women at a higher risk? The answer could have something to do with the stigma they still face from society.

The research, led by George Mason University, also noted that women who were straight or gay didn’t have the same risk factors.

When asked why bisexual women were at such high odds for these mental health issues, lead researcher Lisa Lindley, said they have some theories:

Bisexuals are often invisible. There’s a lot of prejudice against them. They’re told ‘You’re confused — pick one.’ There tends to be this expectation or standard that a person picks one sexual identity and sticks with it. I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding about bisexuals. I think their risk has a lot more to do with stigma.

Lindley also notes that the risks for depression, stress and alcohol abuse most likely started as teenagers, but those issues decreased for men as they got older, but not for women.

So why do women face more mental health risks?

I don’t know is the honest answer. Perhaps it’s because men, if gay or straight, have a stronger connection to their community. Bisexual women may not feel as if there is a community for them.

All of that makes sense. If a woman feels disconnected or ostracized for her choices, it’s no wonder that she can become withdrawn, depressed and turn to alcohol. It’s a shame that society’s judgment can lead to these women suffering from so many issues. Perhaps if our culture could finally embrace women of all sexual orientations and beliefs, we wouldn’t see nearly the same amount of suffering.


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