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Bisexual Women Have More Health Problems Than Everyone Else And That Sucks

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Kissing Jessica Stein (2001)Well, this sucks: bisexual women have more mental heath problems, more chronic illnesses, more sexually transmitted diseases and worse general health compared to their male counterparts as well as heterosexual and homosexual people.

Recent research published in a report called Sexual Orientation and Quality of Life indicates that the somewhat encouraging progress regarding the quality of life for homosexuals does not extend to bisexual women. Bisexual women may be a small minority, but signs of marginalizing continue. According to Dr. Malterud, one of the authors of the report:

This group has more mental health problems, poorer self-rated health, more sexually transmitted diseases, experiences loneliness and includes several suicide attempts.

Bisexual men and women were unlikely to disclose their sexual orientation at work. 78 percent of bisexual men and 68 percent of bisexual women keep their sexual preferences a secret in the workplace. The lofty numbers seem even loftier compared to the zero percent of heterosexuals 18 percent of homosexuals that keep their orientation a mystery. 18 percent of people keeping part of their identity a secret should not seem so insignificant. Dr Malterud puts it this way:

The fact that some are struggling is related to the attitudes of those around them. Perhaps there’s little room in our culture for people who don’t want to call themselves heterosexuals, gays or lesbians. Have we reached our limit of tolerance by accepting gays and lesbians, but then that’s enough?

Perhaps we should de-stigmatize bisexuality and stop treating bisexuals with disdain, disbelief and scorn. Contrary to unfortunate stereotyping, bisexual women are not doing it for attention, bisexual men are not just gay, but not ready to admit it. Let's improve social conditions for everyone please!

via The Daily Mail//Image via Kissing Jessica Stein (2001)