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Birth Stories In The News

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There weren’t very many birth stories in the news this week, but the ones I did find are definitely different. One gave birth in jail, another gave birth to quads.

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A 31-year-old woman gave birth in prison (jail) when no one believed she was in labor. She was in jail for a drug probation violation but has already been released and is at a family’s house resting with her newborn son.  Apparently she had been taken to the hospital when she first thought she was in labor but doctors claimed it was “False labor” so when it came time for the real thing everyone ignored it.

For those of you that don’t know “false labor” can really feel like the real thing and if it continues you will ignore the real thing. This happened with two of my children.

A baby was born in her parent’s toilet when mom went into labor thinking she had to go. How many of you have experienced that? This little guy came right out and fell with a splash into the toilet.

“I told her to go in the bathroom, make sure everything was OK before we jumped in the car to go the hospital, and while she was in the bathroom, she told me that something dropped into the toilet and it so happened to be a baby,” Justin Loveland said.

In the end the baby was fine, has an interesting birth story that he probably won’t tell any friends and came out weighing in at 5lbs 8oz.

Also in the news is a story about how a Shell gas station clerk jumped into action when a mom announced she had just given birth in the bathroom and her baby was purple. The Cashier cleared the baby’s airways and began trying to revive her. The baby did survive. 

An Ontario woman gave birth to quadruplets.   Jen Jones of Ontario welcomed three girls and a boy this weekend. Their names are: Violet, Chelsea, Elexis and Liam.