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Here’s Your Foolproof Guide To Finding Out If You Have A Bikini Body

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The topic of “bikini bodies” is completely exhausting. There's obviously nothing wrong with wanting six-pack abs or Beyoncé's toned thighs, and for some people, thinking about the body of their dreams can be a good source of motivation to get active. That being said, our culture tends to be less interested in inspiring people to take care of their bodies, and more interested in making people feel inadequate, undeserving, and ugly. For every blog post urging women to appreciate their own natural beauty, there are at least two articles that equate cellulite with leprosy. These toxic messages become virtually inescapable during vacation season, so it's always uplifting to see someone fighting back. Today, that someone is the Huffington Post. Their new flowchart, apply named “Do You Have A Bikini Body?” does an awesome job of laughing in the face of body-shaming bull.

The chart takes you through a series of questions that you've been asked countless times by so-called health magazines: Have you worked out today? Do you have a thigh gap? Are you over 30? Do you have stretch marks? Then, right around the point where you expect to receive some lazy advice about doing extra crunches or avoiding carbonated drinks, the graphic takes an awesome turn. No matter what answers you give to the questions, you eventually land in the exact same spot. “Yes!” the chart declares. “You have a bikini body!”

While the creator of this graphic definitely isn't the first person to challenge our culture's discourse about bodies, it's always nice to have another cute reminder that we're all worth more than the media wants us to believe. The next time you find yourself getting sucked into a guilt trap in the bathing suit section at Target, take a second to meditate on the positive message in this flowchart. If you want to wear a bikini, you have a bikini body. That's it. That's how it works.

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