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Biggest Loser Contestant Being Sued Over Weight Gain

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Biggest Loser Contestant Being Sued Over Weight Gain tara costa biggest loser weight gain 640x968 jpgOne of the shittiest things about losing any amount of weight is the fear that it will creep back. I’ve always heard people say that the hardest part of losing weight is keeping it off. Re-gaining weight could be stressful for anyone, but I imagine it’s especially stressful for Tara Costa; the ex Biggest Loser contestant has to deal with gaining while in the public eye after triumphantly losing unwanted weight on television. Oh and she’s also getting sued.

FC Online Marketing, the reality star’s sponsor, has filed a lawsuit against Costa for breach of contract. Their business agreement required Costa to maintain a certain figure, she represented the online marketing firm as a spokesperson/mascot of sorts; they expected her to stay below a certain weight for press events, photo shoots and whatnot. They hired Costa for a reason–she is a white, blonde lady with conventionally attractive looks…at least while she’s thin.

According to The Daily Mail  “FCOM claims that she re-gained ‘far too much weight’ in 2011 for them to continue using her as a brand ambassador – which followed a guest appearance she made that same year on The Biggest Loser where she weighed in at 161lbs, a full 22lbs heavier than in 2009.” FCOM gave Costa $45,000 to use her likeness after she lost 155lbs on The Biggest Loser: Couples 2

While cruel and heartless, the actions of FCOM almost make sense in a vacuum–they were paying her for a specific service that she could no longer fulfill. However, the controversy is not taking place in a vacuum and the context makes FCOM’s choice to sue Costa fully annoying. Last year, TC opened up to ABC News and came out as having and addiction to food, admitting to eating 6,000+ calorie meals at the peak of her addiction.  It’s a shame that FCOM is taking legal action rather than showing any concern that their spokesperson has been going through what she seems to consider a relapse.

 Story via Daily Mail//Image via Getty