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Beyonce Eats One Vegan Meal Per Day, Says Trainer

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Beyonce has been eating “one vegan meal a day” as part of post-baby fitness plan, according to her trainer Marco Borges in Life & Style magazine.

While I support all efforts to cut back on meat and milk, it sort of amazes me that “one vegan meal per day” is not something that just happens naturally in most diets. Do most people really eat animal products with every single meal?

When you think about it, I guess it's not so surprising, though. Cereal and milk, bread and butter or eggs and meat are common breakfasts. Most dinner and lunch dishes — even those centered on veggies, beans or whole grains — tend to contain some cheese, butter, cream or milk protein.

I'm currently eating a mostly vegan diet myself and living with two strict vegans who don't want non-vegan food in the house. I've breached this rule unintentionally quite a few times, just because things one might not think to check for animal products — veggie cheese, 100% whole wheat bread, almond crackers — often do.

That being said, with a little vigilance giving up animal products — for one meal a day, one day a week or all the time — is also not as hard or joyless as a lot of people assume. Borges told Life & Style that instead of chips, Beyonce snacks on edamame, a green apple or cucumbers sprinkled with vinegar, cayenne pepper and lemon.

All of that sounds delicious, but keep in mind that lots of more traditionally snack-y snacks can also be vegan. Salty potato and beet chips; multigrain tortillas with salsa (and vegan cheese, if that's your thing); water crackers and veggies smeared with hummus or baba ganoush; and stove-popped popcorn sprinkled with spices all make healthy, vegan treats.

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