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‘Beyonce Ugly Face’ Photos Lead To Queen Bey Banning Photographers (But Seriously: Who Cares About Awkward Pics?)

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 Beyonce Ugly Face  Photos Lead To Queen Bey Banning Photographers  But Seriously  Who Cares About Awkward Pics  160625518 jpg

In the aftermath of the Superbowl, Beyonce (a.k.a. Queen of the World) had some unflattering photos of her put up on Buzzfeed in a “Beyonce’s Fiercest Moments” list. Buzzfeed was apparently contacted by her publicist, who wished to have the site remove said photos. As a result, her “fiercest moments” pictures turned into a “Beyonce ugly face” viral post that led to hundreds of Photoshops being shared. Now, Beyonce is taking control of her publicized images by controlling who can take photos of her during her Mrs. Carter Tour.

Beyonce and her team are officially banning professional photographers from the concerts — except ones of their choosing. Images from her tour are now being officially credited like this: “Photo by Frank Micelotta/Invision for Parkwood Entertainment/AP Images.” Parkwood Entertainment, the New York-based company Bey founded in 2008, has control over the images, meaning Beyonce has control over them. Of course, sites and publications will undoubtedly just get pictures from front-row fans, as Jezebel points out, but regardless: is all of this really necessary just to prevent people from taking less-than-pristine photos?

Look, guys, we all have ugly pictures. Awkward, uncomfortable, weird photos where we’re not making the same posed, lovely facial expressions we always do. I’ve never understood why people untag themselves in photos where they look anything below excellent; oh, so you have a second chin? That happens sometimes in real life! Deal with it! (Obviously, untagging from a picture wherein you’re holding 750 mL of vodka and you’re clearly about to chug is an entirely different story.) But seriously, who cares if you look hella dumb? Nobody, that’s who. Beyonce’s photos would’ve just been glossed over on the Internet had she and her publicist just kept their mouths shut and recognized that with public performances come public photos — some of which may not be the most flattering. But putting so much focus on snapshots of a few fierce moments where the participant was having a good time? That’s just silly.

The photo below, for example, is the look I have in a huge percentage of my Facebook photos. I was not crying, angry or panicking; I was in the middle of dancing for Danksgiving. I just make this face entirely too much while dancing, speaking and generally existing.

 Beyonce Ugly Face  Photos Lead To Queen Bey Banning Photographers  But Seriously  Who Cares About Awkward Pics  awkward me 3 jpg

Photos: Getty, my stupid life.