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Beyonce’s Trainer Shares The Secret To Her Weight Loss

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Singer Beyonce and rapper Jay Z perform onstage during the 56th GRAMMY AwardsTalk of Beyonce's now “tiny” body has been making internet waves ever since she exhibited a noticeably slimmer bod at the Grammys. Though the bootylicious patron saint of excellence and confidence has always had a seriously banging physique, her recent weight-loss has piqued the interest of loyal subjects, adoring fans and misguided haters internet-wide.

The people have been clamoring “How did she do it? How did she make her awesome body a smaller awesome body?” Well, her trainer and nutritionist Marco Borges has finally revealed the skinny on how Beyonce lost weight: a nutritional challenge. Only it probably wasn't a challenge for Beyonce and Jay Z because they are super rich.

In addition to being a nutritionist and trainer to Hip Hop's power-couple, Beyonce and Jay Z, Borges is also an exercise psychologist who devised The 22 Day Nutrition plan that challenges people to go vegan for 22 days. Recently, I challenged myself to 28 days (the month of February) without a breakfast sandwich and it's been pretty tough because of my insatiable love of croissants stuffed with cheese and eggs.

Here's what Borges had to say about Jay Z and Bey:

“They're incredible human beings and we've developed a really beautiful friendship over the last seven years, and we were just talking about the benefits of plant-based nutrition, and health, and life, and I thought, it would be cool if I challenged them to a plant-based breakfast just one meal a day”

Apparently, the lovebirds found that challenge so easy that they went back to Borges for more. According to Borges, Jay Z said:

“Hey, you know, your company 22 Days Nutrition, it stands for something that's taking on a new habit over the course of 21 days, and on the 22nd day something new happens, so it would be really cool if we try that challenge ourselves. We want to go plant-based.”

And then he was like:

“Yeah my birthday is coming up, and I think it would be really cool, if for my birthday I just did this, like, spiritual health cleanse and I tried something new.”

When my birthday was coming up, what I thought was really cool to get drunk and not take care of myself at all or do anything remotely spiritual. I guess that's probably the one difference between me and Jay Z.

Borges' says his challenge works because it helps deeply rooted habits:

“Most people have that imbalance and it's when they take control of their diet is when they truly take control of their health.”

It makes sense, making a small change that you must be mindful about can definitely lead to being more consistently conscious in general. Nearly a month of a vegan diet might constitute a challenge for most people, but I highly doubt it was at all taxing for Jay Z and Beyonce. They are so rich and powerful that there's no way they are doing their own marketing or cooking, plus they can go out for every meal. It's not difficult to eat delicious vegan meals if you have enough money. For normal people, going without meat, eggs or dairy for a month would require serious changes in both time and money management, something Bey and Jay did not have to worry about.

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