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5 Workouts On Hulu That Are Going To Make You Sweat

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hulu workoutAfter weeks and weeks and weeks of Fitness Friday roundups and posts like this, some of you already know how I feel about being able to get a good workout without having to leave my house. I really love it. At-home exercise is a great way to be fit and debilitatingly lazy at the same time. It's the best!

Despite my passion for being simultaneously active and indolent, I didn't know until recently that there were top notch and polished workout videos available on Hulu, the website I subscribe to in order to watch certain TV programs without having to go outside and buy a TV set. I went through a number of their available fitness videos and I'm so stoked to try some of them out. There are silly options, corny options and really legit ones. You can find long and short workouts on Hulu, really anything you could want or need. Sure, having to deal with a commercial in the beginning is a pain, but use that time to hydrate.

Here are 5 Hulu workout videos I definitely plan on doing: