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Will Dressing Up Like His Favorite Celebrity Spice Up Your Sex Life?

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Let's pretend we're bunny rabbits.

What do you do to spice things up between the sheets when things have gotten tedious?

In conjunction with research to determine non-medical methods to boosting sex lives,  online pharmacy UKMedix, surveyed 1,712 eighteen year old brits in co-habitating relationships. The survey asked “Have you ever used any ‘special’ methods to boost your sex life with your current partner?” And 62% replied affirmatively. I ask “What kind of eighteen year old is bored with their sex life?” When I was 18, and even now at 23, the novelty of intercourse makes sex spicy enough.

Here are the most popular methods employed by 18 year old Brits to improve their sex-havings:

  • Role playing- 35%
  • Sex Toys- 34%
  • Exhibitionism (Loud/ Outdoor/ Public Sex)- 28%
  • Celibacy/ ‘Sex Breaks’- 25%
  • Open Relationship/ Threesome- 21%

According to the Huffington Post “19% of role-players claimed that they or their partner impersonated the other’s most-fancied celebrity.” UKMedix guesses that Kelly Brook and George Clooney would be the most popular choices. No judgments, but 19% of role-playing teens are weirdos. Come to think of it, I bet my boyfriend from when I was 18 would have done a killer Jeff Goldblum impression, but it probably wouldn't have been sexually exciting.

Sarah Bailey of UKMedix says “It seems that role playing is potentially more popular than some may think in bedrooms around the UK, with donning your partner’s favourite style of uniform topping the charts.” People do love uniforms. If you're trying to excite me personally, leave your army fatigues and O.R. scrubs at home; get yourself an astronaut uniform aka a space-suit. You hear that, boys?

I've always been intrigued by sex costumes. I have so many questions for people that are into them. How long do you keep them on? Do you repeat the same costume? Is it just erotic play pretend? If you can walk me through it, please email Joanna@thegloss.com. I mean that. Please.

Story via Huffington Post//Image via Shutterstock