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The Best Vending Machine Snack Choices

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The Best Vending Machine Snack Choices vendingmachine jpg

We meet again, vending machine.

Yesterday, I was a big Negative Nancy and highlighted the worst, most unhealthy vending machine snacks a person could feel themselves. But, because this is a website for Positive Penelopes, I wanted to also highlight the fact that, sometimes, there are some not-awful choices in there, too. Here are your best vending machine picks.

Unless you have a vending machine that stocks fruit or other really healthy snacks, most everything in your neighborhood coin-op food dispenser is probably going to be a little questionable, nutritionally-speaking. But some vending machine fare is either a.) pretty low in calories and added crap, or b.) high enough protein or fiber to make them worth the sugar, salt, or preservatives that they inevitable contain.

No, you don’t want to spend every day of your life dining courtesy of your office/apartment/wherever’s vending services, but there are some smarter choices you can make. Here are a few.

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