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Forget The Travel Ban, These New Yorker’s Twitter Reactions To The Kale Shortage Are Hysterical

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As a kid, snow days were about staying home, making snow angels, drinking hot chocolate and eating crap. As an adult, snow days are about staying home, making snow angels, drinking spiked hot chocolate, and eating crap — at least, I thought they were. Apparently, a bunch of New Yorkers have the wrong idea about how to formally conduct the #Blizzardof2015 — a day off from corporate life during which they can do WHATEVER THEY PLEASE. And work in sweatpants!

These New Yorkers are dead set in their hipster ways. To prepare for Blizzard Juno, they’ve flocked to the store to pick up heaping mounds of kale. Yes, KALE. So many New Yorkers believe kale is vital to surviving a snowstorm, in fact, that the historic blizzard has caused a shortage of the leafy green.

That’s right, a kale shortage. Never mind the bread, milk and other necessities typically needed for being shut inside during a snowstorm. New Yorkers need their organic superfoods!

On Monday, health-obsessed New Yorkers took to Twitter to voice their concerns over the very serious issue. If you’re stuck at home (re: the travel ban), here are some people freaking the F out, and others just making fun, of this ‘crisis’ that you can laugh over — in 140 characters or less.

This person, who recognizes #THESTRUGGLEISREAL.  

This person who asks the obvious. (THE ANSWER IS YES, YES PLZ).

This guy, embodying his inner Johnny Depp.

This generic Twitter handle, who congratulates farmers, LOL.

This girl, who asks what we’re all really thinking.

This guy, who is just looking out for the future of hipsterism.

This guy, who is so not drinking the Kool-Aid (kale-aid?).

This guy, who is afraid for the future of America. I might be, too.

This person, who has a GREAT new business idea. 

This person who wants to send care packages. Let me say it: Drones.. we need DRONES for care packages!

This person who reveals the way harsh reality of the shortage to their followers.

This guy who calls on celebrities for help.

This girl, who REALLY feels for New Yorkers. Like, totally sympathizes.

This person who reveals ‘disturbing’ reports. Yikes.

This person who is seeking prayers (#blessed).

This girl who just wants New Yorkers to get an ‘effin grip. I mean, REALLY?

This person who breaks good news, and reminds us all will be okay! There is a silver lining. Faith in humanity has been restored.

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