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10 Plus Size Bloggers You Should Be Following

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fatkiniI'd say these women are “fierce” but no one says that word anymore. They're bad ass, stylish, funny, smart and human. The plus-size blogger community is so warm and appealing, that I'd want to join in on the fun and games if it was at all appropriate for my straight sized butt to invade their space. It's not, but I can still lurk, admire and push their blogs on people.

Check out these 10 Plus Size bloggers:

  1. Corpulent– Cool plus size outfit of the day posts, cool fat activism, cool body positivity, cool cool cool. All around cool.
  2. Le Blog De Big Beauty- Stephanie Zwicky is a francophone blogger with more style in her eyelashes than should be considered fair. It's worth putting her text through a translator if you don't speak her language, but if you're too lazy for that, get ready to be inspired by her pictures.
  3. Marfmellow– This post is taking me forever to write because I got into a Marfmellow wormhole. Trent is packing style for miles and miles.
  4. Fat Shopaholic– If I lived in Chicago, I would shell out all of my money to have Tiffany Tucker style me every day. Her blog is a sparkly positivity bomb. Tucker also has another blog that's less glossy and more serious.
  5. Jay Miranda– Miranda's a HuffPo contributor, but her personal blog inspiring fashion-wise and LOL writing-wise.
  6. Fat!So?– This body positive blog is a blog and a community and will suck you in for a long time. I'm particularly into the focus on Health At Every Size and body positivity.
  7. Big Hips, Red Lips-Adorable Canadian, Sarah Anne outright says she doesn't care if her clothes are flattering, she just wears what she wants and somehow magic happens. Fuck flattering.
  8. GabiFresh– This list would be straight up incomplete without mention of Gabi Fresh who is kind of the ultimate.
  9. Cupcake's Clothes- This woman is twee as fuck and not apologizing for it! Her personal style and flair for darling accessories are guaranteed to inspire your own look.
  10. Nicolette Mason– This is one of the most polished personal blogs I have ever seen. Nicolette Mason considers her style a hybrid of Wednesday Addamns and Cher Horowitz and I can relate. Anyway, I'm a sucker for fellow Angelenos transplanted to New York.

Do you have any plus-size bloggers to recommend? How rad are these people?

Image Credit: GabiFresh in the famous Fatkini