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10 Food Mosaics That Will Put Your DIYs To Shame

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Creating mosaics is high on my list of time consuming hobbies that require too much patience and planning for my fidgety self. Hell, I can hardly play with my Sims' family for too long before I get bored and move onto the next family. With that said, I respect anyone and everyone who posses a longer attention spans than me and can see beyond the food in front of them and not eat it create a work of art. These ten food mosaics managed to sufficiently blow my mind and rethink all the ingredients in my kitchen, enjoy.

1. Drew Barrymore, made from various meats



Drew Barrymore circa E.T., faboosh. Recreating her famous pout with a multitude of meats, sauces, and even a bowl of soup, priceless. Thank you, Jason Mecier for being the artist Gotham deserves.

2. Owner washing his dog, made from sprinkles



Prepare to pick your jaw off the floor: because this mosaic is actually made up of over 200,000 round sprinkles. It took artist, Joel Brochu eight month to make this while in art school. Just think about that whilst in your deepest state of sloth.

3. Cherry tree, made from cupcakes



The Japanese television show ItteQ ordered 10,000 cupcakes in the shape of a cherry tree from London bakery, Crumbs & Doilies for a special episode. 10,000. Freakin. Cupcakes. Be still, my heart.

4. Cupcake, made from jelly beans



Who know jelly beans served a purpose outside of Easter! The artist even changed up his jelly bean colors and employed shading and lighting techniques to show dimension. Thank you Intro to Art History for allowing me to sound like I kind of know what I'm talking about.

5. Mona Lisa, made from coffee



The “Mona Lisa” channeling the Starbucks mermaid, just as Leonardo da Vinci intended.  Even her dead, coffee eyes follow me around the room.

6. Harry Potter, made from jelly beans



The Boy Who Lived forever immortalized in jelly beans, who could wish for anything else? Ten bucks says there's an earwax jelly bean lurking in there somewhere.

7. Kate Middleton and Prince William, made from jelly beans



Jelly beans obviously are the preferred medium for the food mosaic artists of the world. Extremely specific niche aside, it's truly sweet of this particular artist to give Wills a full head of hair!

8. Snow White, made from apples



An apple a day keeps me in total awe of this creation.

9. Eye, made from toast



Your perfectly signed toast eyes are staring into my soul!

10. Marilyn Monroe, made from Nestle Smarties



Nestle Smarties look good on Andy Warhol's interpretation of Marilyn Monroe and her infamously tortured soul. Food imitating art imitating art, I like it.