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Fitness Friday: 5 Killer Boxing Workouts Online

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Fitness Friday  5 Killer Boxing Workouts Online 2009666 rocky iv original k jpgIt’s FITNESS FRIDAY everybody! Every week, I sit on my butt and tirelessly search for the best YouTube workouts for people who want to exercise without leaving their houses or spending any money. Enjoy my finely curated lists, my poor and lazy kindred spirits.

At first, shadow boxing feels a little goofy, but it makes for challenging cardio and is way less violent than actually punching anyone. There’s something about boxing that’s so motivating. We could all be a little more like Rocky.

Boxing Lessons for Beginners: The Ten Punches of Boxing via Tofu Galaxy-Fun starts with fundamentals, you know. Learn the basics.

Boxer Babe 10 Minute Cardo Workout with Tiffany Rothe via TiffanyRotheWorkouts– Tiffany Rothe boxing did not disappoint. All of her videos are fun and upbeat.

Denise Austin: Kickboxing Cardio Fat Blast Workout via LionsGateBeFit– I need to remember to do this video when I’m feeling bummed out. Endorphins combine with Denise Austin’s infectious positivity for a real mood boost.

20 Minute In home Boxing Workout via NateBowerFitness– You need some tools for this one, but if you have dumb bells and a jumprope, this workout is worth a try. It’s challenging, but very zen in it’s own way.

Kelli’s Cardio Kickboxing Workout via FitnessBlender– No frills, classic moves. This is a straight-foward surefire way to get a good workout.

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