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The Best Bathing Suits For Active Swimmers

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swimsuits for active swimmers

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Regardless of how big a pain bathing suit shopping is in general, it's much easier to buy a cute swimsuit to float, lay about and look pretty in than it is to find one that can be functional for active swimming. Sea bathers and pool goers who don't want to risk wardrobe malfunctions while they're catching waves, playing sports, swimming for miles, or otherwise working their butts off still want to look good. We found some swimming costumes that are both practical and sexy, so you can have it all! There's no need to sacrifice aesthetics for your workout.

Here are the best bathing suits for active swimmers:

1) Reversible Drill Back.best active swimsuits speedo

Bathing suits from speedo are obvious choices for a reason. They make great quality swimwear with exercisers in mind. More things need to be reversible. This swimsuit is functional, sleek, is basically two swimsuits in one and comes in fun colors, so you'll still look pretty.  $68 via Speedo

2) High Dive Bikini.lap bikini

Athletes can wear cute bikinis too. This one was designed with triathletes and performance swimmers in mind, so it won't chafe you or slow you down when you're taking a swim. Top is $44, Bottom is $42 both at Athleta

3) Zion Diamondfit Swimsuit.lion swim

Why not wear a swimsuit that's as ferocious as you are? This one piece will stay on and won't drag you down. Seriously, it's so cute, I can imagine seeing girls wear it as a bodysuit to the club. $79.99 via TYR

4. Solid Cross Back Powerplus.classic red swimsuit

It would be criminal for me to not include a red speedo on this list. This will make you look like a fantasy our of Baywatch. A red speedo is just as sexy and iconic as Ursula Andress's Bond Girl bikini and Marilyn Monroe's famous white maillot, but this swimsuit boasts lightweight fabric that won't drag you down, compression technology to aid your muscles, and pill resistant fabric.  $62 via Speedo

5. Tallow Nevis Full Suit.silver swim

Even beachcombers and sunbathers in teeny weeny decorative bikinis will be wondering where you got this stylish and futuristic bathing suit. If The Svedka Robot were going to go play some sports on the beach, she'd wear this.  $139.95 via Swell