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Fitness Friday: The 5 Best Arm Workouts On The Internet

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lady musclesWelcome to Fitness Friday– Every week, I sit on my butt and tirelessly search for the best YouTube workouts for people who want to exercise without leaving their houses or spending any money. Enjoy my finely curated lists, my poor and lazy kindred spirits!

Even though sweater weather is finally upon us and arms are going into hiding, who doesn't want strong arms to lift and punch with? Muscles are bad ass…end of story. Is there anything so impressive as strong arms? Even if you don't like them aesthetically, it's hard to not be at least a little taken by souped up pythons. Think about Madonna's arms and FLOTUS' guns, they are powerful ladies and their limbs only add to their authority. I'm going to start working on my arms so that I can challenge Michelle Obama to an arm wrestling match!

The 5 best arm workouts online:

Get Madonna's Arms 10 Minute Workout– Pop Sugar Living. Madge's arms are no joke and neither is this short, doable, but challenging routine.

Slim ‘n' Sculpted Arm Workout-Sarah Fit. We love Sarah Fit's workouts! She's really relatable which makes her workouts more bearable than others. This workout uses small weights, it's practical and short.

Sexy Arms– LionsGate BeFit. If the two 10 minute workouts above were too much of a commitment, you can totally handle this 5 minute workout. For some reason, it cracks me up/I love it when exercise videos are shot outdoors–this one's by the beach.

Sleek and Sexy Arms for Beginners– Livestrong Woman. This is a Pilates inspired video with the adorable and ever-perky Cassey Ho. She starts the video by threatening to “kill” our arms, so you know it's going to be good. This video is nearly 15 minutes, but still manageable.

How to Do Pushups– Fitappy. This chick is no nonsense and we dig it. Sometimes you need to break it down and learn the basics right. I'm pretty sure my elementary school P.E. coach didn't care at all if we were doing pushups right and now I need to re-learn how to do them effectively.

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