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The Best Resources To Help You “Do It In The Butt” For The First Time

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The Best Resources To Help You  Do It In The Butt  For The First Time chocolate factory jpgTrying a different kind of sex in an orifice you haven’t used for that kind of thing before can be a daunting, albeit very exciting feat. Like anything you’re inexperienced in, it’s best to do some research on anal sex before jumping right in the back door. If you’re going to try anal soon and are nervous, we found some excellent guides for you to study.

Your butt homework is to read these:

  • Real Anal Sex Tips From Real Women Who’ve Had It- Anna Breslaw brings such a refreshing, smart and progressive voice to Cosmopolitan’s blog. This is more of a Q& A than a list of tips, but hearing about real experiences women have had engaging in anal makes this fun read a priceless resource for newbies.
  • Every Month Is Anal Sex Month With These Simple Tips- Written by Emily McCombs from XOJane, this guide is as funny, personal and unabashedly honest as you’d expect.
  • 11 Anal Sex Tips You Need To Know- This list is written by Jessica O’Reilly at iVillage. Her tips are very clear and there’s even one that involves dealing with the whole poop issue we all fear before trying anal sex.
  • Anal Sex: A Beginners Guide- Glamour’s Rosemary Brennan spoke to a real doctor to get these practical tips, so you know they’re legit.
  • 12 Anal Sex Rules For Women- Usually I hate “rules” and will do anything to defy and break them, but Dr. Ava Cadell’s list of Evolved World isn’t trying to boss anyone around. This list is more comprehensive than “relax and use lube,” and deals with more of the nitty gritty.
  • 7 Tips For Better Backdoor Sex From A Penthouse Pet & Anal Advocate- O, how I love LA Weekly. This guide is positive, detailed and illustrated with hilarious stock photos. It’s the best on this list for those who have tried and failed at anal sex in the past. 

Let me know if you have any other recourses or particularly great tips of your own to share!

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