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Just In Case You Needed Another Reason To Eat Organic…It’s Also Better For Your Fruit Flies

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Just in case you needed another reason to eat organic, new research has found that organic produce had health benefits for fruit flies. Yes, I know humans aren't fruit flies, but researchers think that this research might shed some light on the what organic produce can do for our health, too.

Researchers at Southern Methodist University in Texas looked at four main food items, including potatoes, raisins, soybeans, and bananas. All of the produce was purchased from their local Whole Foods. Apparently, they found that organic raisins, potatoes and soy were all linked to longer life spans in fruit flies. Bananas, whether organic or not, didn't seem to have a real effect on the annoying flying dudes that plague my fruit bowl. But the flies that ate only organic produce had a better fertility rate overall.

Interestingly, the organic raisins also had some weirder affects. . According to Counsel & Heal:

Flies that consume[d[ this product had more levels of stress and higher rates of mortality when compared to the group of flies that ate regular, nonorganic raisins.

Weird, right? I think so. Anyway, this isn't necessarily a rousing call to ditch all your conventionally-grown produce because of OMG chemicals, but I think that Lindsey Abrams over at The Atlantic is dead-on when she says:

Fruit flies that wish to live long and prosper should hover around the organic food aisle. These results can't tell us why organic foods appeared to improve health outcomes. But they do suggest that on a food-by-food basis, some organic foods may be “healthier” — in the broadest sense of the term — than their conventionally grown counterparts. Should that be the case, then we potentially have an entirely individualistic reason to buy organic.

Tell that to all your friends who make fun of your expensive organic grocery bill and devotion to your weekly farmer's market.

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