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Benefit’s Jiggle Gel Review

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In my second review of cellulite treatments, I'd like to talk about Benefit's Jiggle Gel. I acquired this after finding out Knoxville does indeed have a Benefit counter, then going on a week-long Benefit binge (Benetint, anyone?). The premise is that it acts as an “invisible girdle” for your skin.
I liked the idea of an instant tightening effect for my upper thighs, so I took it home to try it immediately. The first thing I noticed, obviously, was the smell. What is it with cellulite gels and their smell? This one had quite an unpleasant aroma reminiscent of rubbing alcohol. Ugh!
After applying it anywhere I wanted tightening, I did notice that my skin felt less elastic and more, well, tightened. However, this is a temporary fix only. What I need this kind of thing for is when I go out on the beach or swimming – and I need it to last.
However, this is great for looking good in a pair of shorts. Just don't sweat it off!
I give this a 7/10, as my cellulite wasn't completely masked, and the smell was awful. However, the tightening was impressive.
You can buy Jiggle Gel here for $26. Enjoy!


(Image from benefitcosmetics.com)