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Coffee Won’t Give You Super-Vision, But It Might Be Good For Your Eyes

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Food Prices Expected To Rise Significantly In 2014Ooh, I have some potentially good news for coffee drinkers. According to a new study out of Cornell, coffee might be good for your eyeball health. Well, an antioxidant component of coffee at least.

Cornell scientists studied the effect of an antioxidant in coffee called chlorogenic acid (CLA) on mice and found that it “staves off retinal degeneration.” Even after exposing the mice treated with CLA to nitric oxide, which makes retinas generate more rapidly, they showed no sign of retinal damage. That might be great news for human retinas!

The results of the study do not necessarily mean that drinking coffee will protect human eyeballs from deteriorating, obviously. According to Fox News, science still has to determine whether coffee even “delivers CLA directly to the retina.” If it does, scientists could possibly mix up a brew that specifically benefits eyes.

Coffee is undeniably popular as a beverage, a drug and a commodity. Whether or not it's good for humans will be hotly debated and researched until the Sun burns out. Though it would be awesome if coffee turned out to be a life-enhancing elixir, it's so beloved that it would be pretty irrelevant. Any avid coffee lover can tell you that it doesn't matter what studies say: it's delicious and it feels good and I need it. When research says coffee is unhealthy and killing our organs, I couldn't care less–when other research indicates it might have health benefits, I care for about the same amount of time it takes to give myself a high five and move on.

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