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Being Vegan Will Suck A Little Less Next Spring, Because Ben And Jerry’s Is Releasing Dairy-Free Ice Cream

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Ben and Jerry’s has done some incredible things for humankind in the past — like introduce Half Baked ice cream to the world and toy with the idea of weed-infused ice cream — and is truly the ice cream for the people, by the people…who want us to eat more ice cream.

Proving their self-worth once again, the ice cream conglomerate (and creator of the Vermonster) has some big news, once again: Ben and Jerry’s will release a vegan ice cream next spring.

Lactose intolerant-types can stop popping dairy pills (and shuttering from the thought of the after effects) before downing their oh-so-necessary, totally irresistible pints of Ben and Jerry’s. And those who live a dairy-free life by choice will no longer have to stare wistfully through the ice cream freezer window at their local bodega or convenience store.

According to the Telegraph, the company has been working on this magical, dairy-free concoction for some time now, and plans to use either coconut milk or almond milk as a base.

Co-founder Jerry Greenfield told the Telegraph:

“In the US there are [dairy-free] alternatives from smaller companies but Ben & Jerry's will be first mainstream company that will do that and will also do it in a really delicious way.”

Apparently, the idea of vegan ice cream didn’t come directly from Ben or Jerry themselves: a petition directed to Ben and Jerry’s, calling for non-dairy options, quickly gained 27,000 signatures — which is kinda a lot.

We’re still waiting on the cannabis-infused ice cream to come out, but I’m sure vegans worldwide will squeal in delight, hope hands and sing Kumbaya about this news.

Photo: Ben and Jerry's / Facebook