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10 Brain-freezing Facts About Ben & Jerry’s That Will Make You Scream For Ice Cream

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It's free cone day at Ben & Jerry's

Most people I know prefer to consume Vermont's finest straight out of the pint with a spoon and some friends, but what kind of monster would pass up a free cone? Go. Go get yours now. Scream for ice cream. I'll wait.

Enjoy these 10 free facts about Ben & Jerry's with your free cone:

  1. The first annual Free Cone Day began in 1979, one year after the first Ben & Jerry's shop opened its doors.
  2. Ben & Jerry's ice cream became available in pints in 1980.
  3. The company is anti-GMO and vowed to stop using all genetically modified ingredients in 2013.
  4. Cherry Garcia, named for the late Grateful Dead guitarist, is the brand's best selling flavor of all time.
  5. Ben & Jerry's was initially supposed to be a bagel company, but they switched to ice cream because bagel-making equipment was too costly.
  6. The World's Largest Sundae made by Ben & Jerry's weighed in at 27,102 pounds.
  7. Ben Cohen, the “Ben” part of the company name, doesn't have a very good sense of smell which is part of why the flavors are so rich and delicious. They have to flavorful enough for him to taste despite his anosmia.
  8. There's a graveyard at the Waterbury Factory for discontinued ice cream flavors. How sweetly morbid is that?
  9. Ben & Jerry's treats employees right: they can take home three pints of free ice cream a night.
  10. They even treat cows well. Ben & Jerry's was awarded the first Compassion in World Farming’s Good Dairy Award last year.

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