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12 Ingredients That Ben & Jerry’s Needs To Put In Their Future Flavors So That I Can Put Them In My Mouth

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The Internet is all abuzz about the recently announced Ben & Jerry's Core flavors. They look fantastic so this is exciting news for everyone, but it's particularly exciting for me because I am from Vermont. These are the moments I live for.

That said, my winter-worn heart can never be fully satisfied with any good news, so the introduction of new Ben & Jerry's flavors also got me thinking about what flavors currently elude me. I went through and compiled a list of every ingredient in every single flavor currently listed on the Ben & Jerry's website.

As you may have guessed, they have had lots of inspired ingredient picks, but I still managed to discover a few absent ingredients that I hope are included in their next round of new flavors. My 12 picks are below, but feel free to contribute what you desire to have come to a freezer near you soon.


Pomegranates: Pomegranate Greek yogurt is a go-to snack for me, and I feel like it would translate well into ice cream. Also as a fruit, it would help me in my constant rationalization of “Well, fruit makes it good for me.”


Popcorn: I was so disappointed when Liz Lemon's flavor didn't include popcorn because it was my number one wish to be that plus-one she desperately sought out to go to the popcorn restaurant. Since other salty snacks work in ice cream, I feel like this could be a thing.


Sunflower Seeds: In addition to popcorn, what about sunflower seeds? Nuts are popular in ice cream, but I feel like seeds are a little less conventional. Alas, they are delicious, a little salty and sunflowers would also make for very cute packaging.


Champagne: Wouldn't this be fun? I would eat many champagne flutes of such a flavor on New Year's Eve and also every day of the year's eve.


Root Beer: The worst part about making root beer floats is figuring out all the ratios. I trust Ben & Jerry's could come up with a way to make a pint inspired by the drink that doesn't devolve into a kind of gross mess after five minutes.


Maple Candy: Yes, their Hannah Teter's Maple Blondie is a maple ice cream, but I want actual melt-in-your-mouth maple candy in a pint. It's like the difference between a chocolate ice cream and fudge chunks. Both delicious, but not the same – hence why maple candy merits its own inclusion.


Chocolate-Covered Strawberries: Like champagne, this feels very fancy! Ben & Jerry's obviously includes strawberries and chocolates among their ingredients, but I feel passionately about them getting a starring role as a couple.


Rock Candy: Since they are releasing these new Core flavors, what about one with a rock candy core? Great fun for all ice cream lovers and aspiring geologists!


Caramel Apple: As Vermont is renowned for it's beautiful autumns, going in an apple direction seems fitting. Ben & Jerry's has already created American Apple Pie, so I'm instead suggesting caramel apple chunks that all get caught in your teeth while you eat the ice cream. I hope I'm not the only one that loves that.


Chili Pepper: I'm not big on spicy foods, but I know that chili-chocolate is a popular combo. I suppose the cold ice cream and the kick of the chili would be interesting taste wise, so why not?


Cinnamon Raisin Bagels: This may be similar to their Cinnamon Buns flavor, but I feel that actual bagel pieces is different enough from cinnamon bun dough. Plus, I have the entire concept planned out: cream cheese (frosting) swirl and cinnamon ice cream, bagel chunks, extra raisins and and some cinnamon swirls. It is a perfect blend of my Vermont and NYC selves.


Tapioca Pudding: I don't really have any concept of what tapioca tastes like nor have I ever really wanted to find out, but if there was a Ben & Jerry's flavor of it, I'd give it a shot. If something is a pudding it would probably be okay frozen? Help me be open to trying new things, Ben & Jerry's!