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Man Sets A World Record For Drinking Beer And Running A Mile, Cool Story Bro

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beer mile beastLadies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to James Nielsen, aka”The Beast.” He's the bro who just broke the world's bro-iest world record by completing what's referred to as “The Beer Mile” in under five-minutes.

The Beer Mile is a one-mile race that's as ridiculous and nauseating as it sounds. The runner is interrupted every 400 meters in order to fully drink a beer. The record for fastest Beer Mile was previously held by some dude named Jim Finlayson who managed the hoppy race in 5-minutes and 9-seconds. To ordinary folks like you an me, that's an impressive mile-time, especially considering the 400 meter refreshment choice, but to two-time NCAA champion James “The Beast” Nielsen, 5:09 was a time he could beast––I mean beat.

The Beast trained for a year in order to break that record. His training include getting his running skills into tip top shape, as well has his beer guzzling skills. Nielson claims he also trained his brain by studying the human body and “the physics of fluid dynamics and air displacement.” That sounds awful cerebral for someone who wants to hold the title of fastest beer-run. All that training, mental and physical, did work out; though, The Beast says his victorious run was “really painful!” The new frat-bro hero beat the old champ's time and completed the Beer Mile in a cool four-minutes and 57.1-seconds. His is the first Beer Mile under five minutes.

I'm very impressed by his mile time, but pretty nonplussed by this accomplishment. I'd be high fiving him on with more enthusiasm if I wasn't like “whoop-dee-doo, you did something useless and annoying that shouldn't even be a thing.” Regardless of my jaded eyerolls, The Beast is a world record holding champion. Good for him?

Watch his record breaking run here:

 H/T E! Online//Image via YouTube